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Our Mission is to restore grieving children and families back into the mainstream of their lives through innovative services that provide hope and healing.

Since 1980, we’ve delivered love and caring through innovative services such as weekend grief camps, support groups, fun days, school visits and holiday support to inspire hope and healing after the death of a loved one.
It might have been an aged relative who left many fond memories of a life well lived, or a shadow of regret. Other deaths may be more tragic, and carry with them more despair, bleakness and grief. And some lives end almost as they begin, such as a stillbirth, a miscarriage or the death of an infant.
ATP Ad PhotoNo matter who dies, many other lives are touched…an infant, a child, a teenager, a parent, a senior citizen…and there will be grief. Nearly 20 percent of adults have experienced the death of a child, and 22 percent have faced the death of a sibling, relative or close friend before they graduated from high school.[1]

Less than half (46%) of the population is aware that a support organization exists to help them through their grief.

We help ease the hurt and restore children and families back into the mainstream of their lives – supported, validated, encouraged and empowered to go on.

[1]  NFO Research, Inc. 1999


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